Collaboration with Leila Ziu


Directed by Maëva Berthelot and Leila Ziu

Produced by Maëva Berthelot, Leila Ziu & Hofesh Shechter Company
Supported by Hofesh Shechter Company & The British Arts Council
Performance by Maëva Berthelot
Edit by Leila Ziu
Music & Sound Design by Claudio Miguel
Additional Sounds by Daniela Falcon & Isis Puente
Camera by Mauricio Arechavala, Baltazar Peña Rios, Leila Ziu



’Doppel’ screening at Dance Film Festival UK, part of The Fi:ELD Festival, London 2015
’Doppel’ screening at Converse Cons Project, London 2014
’Doppel’ screening, The Place, London, 2014
’Doppel’ screening, The Old Market, Brighton, 2014
’Doppel’ screening, Dance East, Ipswich, 2014,
’Doppel’ screening, South Hill Park, Bracknell, 2014
’Doppel’ screening, Dance City, Newcastle, 2014


by Natalie Kane

"How we reconcile the person we were before with the person we are now is almost entirely an internal struggle. To see an individual throw this process out into the open can be uncomfortable and untranslatable, as it is an experience we can never, fully, understand. Maeva Berthelot’s Doppel is a stunning piece of work, a film made in collaboration with designer Leila Ziu, which is arguably autobiographical. Wandering through primeval, woodland landscapes, Berthelot privately explores a fractured, compromised identity in unnatural, interrupted movements. Slowly, and with a subtle use of reverse filming, Bertheholt is bound by found materials, physically restricted and enveloped in heavy fabrics. She emerges into the busy streets of Mexico, where she strikes off the weight that constricts her, still making sense of her surroundings in small, quick convulsions.”

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